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Canine & Feline Wellness Panels

Canine & Feline Wellness Panels

A Proactive Approach for a Healthier Pet

Wellness labwork is our little secret to ensuring your pets stay in tip-top shape. Why play catch-up with health issues when you can be one step ahead?

Four Panels, One Goal: Let’s take a sneak peek “under the hood” with our routine diagnostics! These tests allow your veterinarian to assess the health of vital organs and spot potential problems before any symptoms appear. Plus, having baseline lab work when your pet is in tip-top shape is incredibly valuable for comparisons if they ever come in to investigate new symptoms.

What’s Included:

Canine Wellness Panels

  • Basic Panel:
    • Includes Chem 14, CBC, Fecal Screen, 4DX Testing, Reflex C6, SDMA
  • Comprehensive Panel:
    • Includes Chem 27, CBC, UA, Fecal Screen, 4DX Testing, T4, Reflex C6, SDMA

Feline Wellness Panels

  • Basic Panel:
    • Includes Chem 14, CBC, Fecal Screen, SDMA
  • Comprehensive Panel:
    • Includes Chem 25, CBC, UA, Fecal Screen, T4, proBNP Testing, Reflex UPC, SDMA

Why It Matters:

  • Chemistry Profile & Complete Blood Count (CBC): These tests give us a detailed look at the health of your pet’s kidneys, liver, and pancreas, plus much more.
  • Fecal Screening: You might not see the signs, but intestinal parasites can lurk unseen. Regular screenings are crucial, and hey, it keeps everyone in your home safer, including you!
  • Thyroid Function Test (T4): This checks your pet’s thyroid gland, which can cause a slew of issues in older pets if out of whack.
  • Urinalysis (UA): A peek into your pet’s urine can tell us loads about their kidneys and overall health, spotting anything from infections to diabetes.
  • Canine 4DX Testing: This essential screening checks if your pup has been exposed to heartworms or other serious tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.
  • Feline proBNP Testing: This test helps us catch early signs of heart disease in cats.

For more details or to schedule your pet for a Wellness Panel, give us a ring at (207) 324-4683!